"Age of Darkness is a book that takes the elements of fantasy and reality and blends them into an emotional, magical tale of revenge and the wonders of life and humanity. The author at such a young age was able to capture and express emotions and feelings throughout the entire book and makes the reader share those feelings with the characters, as they feel themselves. Elements of other works were inspired into this one, and the author formed and developed them into one of his own. This tale of discovery, revenge and life is a gem among books and I will treasure it in my library, as well as keep a lookout for the next installments in this promising author's series." - Janine Cox via Amazon.com

"Age of Darkness is a fantastic read, that's taking you into a magical and wonderful world, introducing you to characters you won't forget. It will definitely be worth your money and time. A wonderful, inspirational novel." - Harald Fellner via Amazon.com

"Age of Darkness is a novel that left me absolutely breathless. Brandon Chen just has a way of making characters wonderfully human, so that you can relate to them. I bought this book expecting a moderately well written fantasy story, and what I got was one of the best books I've read in a long time. Age of Darkness is a book that will make you smile, cry, and laugh all within its pages." - Shelli Jones via Amazon.com

What Age of Darkness is About

Age of Darkness is the story of Keimaro Hayashi, a young man tormented and shunned for reasons unknown to him. When his village is attacked and his adopted family slaughtered, Keimaro must join with his only friend, Yata, to find vengeance for those he loved most. Hounded by a villainous group known as the Bounts, Keimaro travels far from his simple, shielded home into a world filled with espionage, magic, and betrayal. He gains allies along the way—others who have been wronged by the Faar Empire and who possess mystical powers that offer unique possibilities. During his journey, Keimaro faces temptation in the form of the enchanting Princess Aika and his own dark desires to overthrow the very gods who condemned his people. Keimaro faces the demon within himself and presses on, learning that vengeance can be found in many forms. Can Keimaro find the good within and protect those he loves? 

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Age of Darkness

Praise for Age of Darkness

Lord of Darkness, Kuro, has been awakened and has ascended to the throne of Faar. With an army of millions of tranced warriors and a fire-breathing dragon at his disposal, Kuro has swiftly declared war on the empire of Sparta in his quest to challenge the gods and establish his age of darkness. No living mortal is strong enough to stand against the onslaught of Kuro’s forces. 

But Keimaro and his companions are not willing to let Kuro destroy the world they know. Not without a fight. Their mission to defeat Kuro brings them to Skytera, a chain of magical floating islands in the sky, the only place where one may learn how to slay a dragon. But the road to Skytera is treacherous; very few mortals have ever survived. 

And with every passing day, the hope of defeating Kuro’s army is only getting grimmer. Can Keimaro overcome his inner darkness and obtain the strength he needs to protect his friends and save the world?